The Student’s English-Sanskrit Dictionary / Apte V.Sh. 1893

Publisher: Bombay, Sagoon
Publication date: 1893
Number of pages: 462
Language: English

Words and their derivatives are arranged in the following order : first the radical or primitive word, in all its different parts of speech; then compound words, arranged in alphabetical order; (in the case of verbs, such words as Break off, Turn out, are given as -off, -out); and then the derivatives which are always distinguished by a black dash; those formed regularly beiug given first, and the irregular ones, written fully, after them ( see Ambition, Humble, Young ).

Note. This order is not regularly observed in the first three letters, compound Avords and derivatives being, in a few cases, both distinguished by black dashes.
In giving the terminations by which derivatives are formed, the changes which the final and initial letters undergo, e. g. the dropping, doubling or assimilation of letters are assumed; the terminations being always given in their original form; ‘see Out, Hurry, Mature.

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